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Tobi, CEO de Vivere Stays Germany – 2023

Tobi only joined Vivere Stays at a later stage. Today he will also share his experience with Vivere Stays and his vision:

Both the market and the team convinced me to join Vivere Stays. I knew that Spain was already well developed when it came to travel tech in light of the travel industry representing over 10% of their GDP (vs Germany: around 5%).

But I also knew how complex the industry was, with constant changes, closed APIs and connection challenges. I was sure that “tech only” would not nail it when it comes to satisfying all hotel owners’ needs. I actually experienced myself as a family-hotel owner, how little traditional travel tech companies invest when it comes to “implementing & maintaining the hotel’s tech” for the sake of scalability.

Tech for small independent owners is a great idea. It allows them to outperform the market and survive against bigger, heavily funded,  hotel chains if correctly implemented.

In today’s market, there is a clear need for more attention, when it comes to configuration, constant bug fixing, dealing with OTAs and connection problems even though it eats up 1 or 2 points of your margin.

Two years after go-live, Vivere Stays has not lost one single hotel for his tech. The numbers look fantastic.

This is what makes me proud and gives me the energy to keep on rocking it every day together with this gifted team and amazing clients. Vivere Stays wants to do good around us, bringing tech to independent hotels and helping them to implement it in order to make a difference.

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