What is Vivere Stays?

Vivere Stays is a pricing technology provider for all types of hotels and other accomodations.

What makes Vivere Stays unique?

Vivere Stays started as a pricing technology provider for small and medium sized hotels. As such, it has the most intuitive UX through its self-explanatory front-end.

Can the hotel owner configure Vivere Stays technology himself?

That was exactly the idea when we started. We wanted to focus on functionalities that really matter to small and medium sized hotel owners and to be the first to offer a downloadable version that a "normal" hotel owner is able to activate all himself.

Why should I work with Vivere Stays?

We provide you with technology to increase your income and de-hassle your daily routine in order you save time.

What is the pricing tool and why do I need it?

The pricing tool consists of optimizing the price for each room category at any time of the year, fully digital, fully AI, fully Vivere Stays. The part that you will of it is how your income increases, day by day.

What is the distribution tool and what do I need it for?

A distribution tool (channel manager) consists of giving your hotel more visibility when it comes to online sales. When choosing your channel manager, you need to be clear about your target group in order to be sure that you channel managers covers all those distribution channels your hotel needs. Vivere Stays is a pricing technology provider. However, we can help you in the process of choosing a channel manager.

What is the reservation management tool and what do I need it for?

The reservation management tool (PMS) consists of facilitating your day-to-day life with a fluid and easy-to-understand user experience so that you and your team do not waste time. Vivere Stays is a pricing technology provider. However, we can help you in the process of choosing a PMS.

What is the review management tool and why do I need it?

The review management tool consists of algorithms that not only answer your guests' messages, but also identify your guests' needs in terms of additional information about any aspect of your hotel and their stay. Necessary, automated templates are implemented to clarify any questions the guest may have without you having to do anything. A great time saver! Vivere Stays is a pricing technology provider. However, we can help you in the process of choosing a review management tool.

What is process digitization and why do I need it?

It consists of allowing the guest to do everything online through the web and their mobile phones: from the reservation to the check-out. You need it for both, satisfying your guest, saving cost and outperform the market.

Why would I work with Vivere Stays if I can find someone to do it for me on my team?

Simply because it would be much more expensive. We work 24/7, 365 days a year, no downtime, no illness, no pregnancies, no holidays, no office rent, expenses, no training cost. Book the demo with us and we look at numbers. It will surprise you.

I get calls from over 20 tech providers per day. Everyone tells me that my income increases. How is Vivere Stays different from them?

We work with a Spanish team for the Spanish market. You have only 1 point of contact (PoC), not more. The technology package that we propose is unique and 100% adapted to your needs. Instead of just promising, we deliver results. There is no excuse. That is the difference.

Can you guarantee an increase in my income vs. last year?

Yes, we can. It will impact the commission we charge you to make it a win-win for both parties.

What does Vivere Stays technology really give me?

It brings you more income and significant time savings.

Do I have support every day of the year?

Of course, we are prepared to assist at any time by whatsapp, mail and telephone.

Do I have to train my hotel staff?

We will provide the necessary training for you and your team.

My friends tell me that this technology already exists in the market. Why would I go with Vivere Stays then?

It is true that there are literally dozens of technology tools on the market. Do you know which are the ones that really adapt to your hotel and your needs? Do you want to go through the bidding process, negotiate prices for each of them? Do you have time to understand the compatibility of each of the tools with the others? Do you feel like implementing it all and then maintaining it? If the answer is no, then call us in order to find out how we can help you. Try us!

Who are Vivere Stays clients?

The majority of Vivere Stays clients are hotels with less than 100 rooms. In 2024, we had a lot of demand from larger hotels as well. To meet their needs, we have established a special team for them.

Do I have to put Vivere Stays branding on my hotel?

You can, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

Vivere Stays is a hotel chain?

We are not a hotel chain. Vivere Stays is a pricing technology provider. We work exclusively with independent hotels.

Is there a physical person if I have a question or are you going to connect me with a chatbot or a call center abroad?

You will have the telephone number of the person 100% responsible for all the technology in your hotel.

I have several businesses, the hotel is one of them: can you also take care of the management?

Contact us and we'll talk about it. You will love what we are about to tell you 🙂

What is the minimum contract duration?

We offer 12, 24 and 36 months subscription with 2 months trial period.

I can work anywhere and control my hotel

Of course, Vivere Stays is 100% Cloud. Also, our technology adapts to any screen, regardless if mobile or desktop device, informing you at all times about the sales numbers of your hotel.

Can I create users with different permissions and categories?

Of course! You control who can see or manage the technology, from reception to cleaning and maintenance, with personalized permissions for each person.

The implemented prices can be modified?

Of course!, our technology will analyze the best possible price. However,it is your hotel! Hence, you are free to modify a specific price in any specific situation.

Who collects the income?

The income is yours, everything is collected by the hotel and goes through the hotel accounts.

Do the distribution channels remain in my name?

Of course!. We trust each other and we don't see the added value of having them under the Vivere Stays name. In addition, we would lose several days of sales. Distribution channels need several days to transfer ownership.

I am tired of my hotel and I want to dedicate myself to other things: would you be interested in taking my hotel?

Contact us and we'll talk about it. You will love what we are about to tell you.

Can you help me with financing for my hotel?

Of course. We have an excellent network of contacts into all European banks.

Do you invest in my hotel?

We do not invest in your hotel. But with our pricing technology, we will increase your income, so that you will not need financing anymore.

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