All the technology owners need for their hotels, hostels, hostales and short-term rentals

Increase Revenue
Boost direct sales
Digital GX

Technology = more revenue

Vivere Stays technology distributes your inventory not just “deeper”, but “wider”, identifying the niche distribution channels, relevant for the characteristics of your hotel, not just the usual suspects (booking, Expedia, AirBnB) like everyone else!

Direct sales = no commission

Vivere Stays technology boost your direct sales through your own website, through our IBE on your website (celebrated by most hosts for its UX) and a state-of-the-art payment gateway, which includes all current payment options. 100% conversion guaranteed!

Digital GX = Happy guest

Vivere Stays technology allows your hotel reception to save time when welcoming the guest to your hotel. Why? Because, he has already check-in, ONLINE! All data is already in the system. In countries where an ID check of each guest is needed, our software allows the upload of all necessary info to the local authorities through a simple scan with your cell. And the best thing is: “no physical check-in” means “no waiting time”, “no queuing” = happy guests!

85% of our clients say they would decide again for vivere stays if they had to

0 Churn

our technology increased our client s revenue by 27% in Q2 2022 vs Q2 2019

100% Performance

77% is the Average time saving for each owner by working with
Vivere Stays

As per client survey March 2022

Designed and built for
hotels & accommodations just like yours.

Pricing management

AI guided dynamic prices will boost your RevPar!


Smart distribution, in order your inventory gets all the visibility it deserves!

Reservation management

Save cost on payroll, by using our technology which allows you to achieve 100% efficiency on your reservation management process!

Save money on OTAs

Your own website, IBE and payment gateway will not just make your guest happier, but after all save you €€€ on OTAs!

Online check-in & check-out

The less your guest has to queue when checking, the happier he is. And a happy guest, always comes back!

Higher online ratings

Let our technology take care of your online reputation. This helps you to achieve higher rankings and guests, who are happy to get "heard"!

Enjoy the UX of
Vivere Stays technology

Reservation schedule

Oversee all your rooms, categories and buildings in no time

Changes made simple

Never more than one click away from your goal. Your team will love it. Change management made redundant.

State of the art Business Intelligence!

Track your KPIs

RevPar, Conversion rates, ADR, OCC.....to mention only some of the KPIs our technology tracks for you.

Also OTA Analytics

OTA analytics are often neglected, but indispensable to boost your reputation and online ranking!

Interact directly with you guest!

Online check-in & check-out

Save time on check-in and check-out and increase happiness among your team and your guest.

Check of guest data made easy

Upload all required guest data to local authorities through mobile scans. No more manual entries!

The Hospitality Platform
Powering the Most Successful Hotels

Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
Vivere Stays support, so nothing slows you down
24/7 auto-pilot price updates
Simple to use payment gateway
Optimized online reputation

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