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We boost your rankings through OTA analytics

Each OTA is its own world with plenty of KPIs to be tracked. VIvere Stays technology does it for you.

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OTA Analytics

Have you ever looked at Booking. com, Expedia.com, AirBnB.com, tripadvisor.com, trivago.com extranets just to name some of them? Our technology does, every 20 minutes. Why? Because we want your hotel to get the best ranking.

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Complete performance

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Frequent ranking updates

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Explore guest behavior on an individual level of detail

Guests leave ratings and comments everywhere these days, not just on Google, the OTA and Facebook, but many others. Our technology controls most of them.

  • Highlighs of guest ratings: We analyze your guest ratings
    and give you an overview of what needs to be improved.
  • Make sure guests comments get answered: Each OTA looks
    very carefully how fast and comprehensive you answer your
    guests comments.
  • Your guest communication needs to be perfect: The number of times that guests will contact you before and during their stays very much depends on how explicit you are in your guest communication before and during their stay.
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Measure each KPI like if it was the only one!

Vivere Stays technology checks on each and every KPI that your OTA ranking depends on. Why? Because you should not spend your money on special OTA deals (ie. Genius) in order to "buy yourself" a higher ranking, while you could simply have it for free by working on your KPIs.

  • 100% profile completness: Our technology let you know, when your profile needs a facelift for the sake of your rankings but also for the satisfaction of your guests as they will find all the necessary informaiton in your profile. -> less question -> less work for you.
  • Who do you compare you with? We make sure you have the right comset in place. Because only if you do, you compare apples with apples and can adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Cancellation tracking: Our technology tracks your cancelations, their reasons and gives recomendations on how to decrease them.
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Vivere Stays optimizes your conversion rates!

One of the most important KPI might be how strong your profile converts incoming traffic into paid reservations.

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