Vivere Stays Dynamic Pricing Technology:
Designed for the hospitality sector.
Built for hotel owners

Read how Vivere Stays technology is different

Vivere Stays
100% connection

Our technology is connected to most PMS and Channel managers. In case yours is not, let us know and we connect it right away. We want to work with you.

Vivere Stays
Easy to use

No need to follow countless hours of training and configuration. Our technology was designed for hotel owners like you, who want to benefit from pricing technology without losing time.

Vivere Stays
Reduce complexity

The reason why we came up with our pricing technology was to reduce complexity for the owners. Pricing tech - made simple, by Vivere Stays.

Vivere Stays
Access globally

It is all in the cloud. So you can connect to our DYNAMIC pricing technology from wherever you want.

Vivere Stays
Move faster

Speed is the top criteria when it comes to pricing. No more running in order to benchmark your Comset. Free your evenings and weekends and trust our autopilot optimizing your revenue.

Vivere Stays
100% integrated

Vivere Stays technology comes ALL-IN-ONE, no need to connect or integrate other tools. You can lean back and track how your revenue is growing.

Vivere Stays

Solutions for small and mid-sized hotel owners

SME hotel owners have special needs when it comes to online visibility. Connecting to the “usual suspects” in terms of OTAs (such as booking.com, expedia.com, airbnb.com) is just not enough anymore.

Vivere Stays

Niche OTA

Our technology identifies niche OTAs, relevant for the specifics of your hotel. In order your hotel makes the difference.

Vivere Stays

Move faster

No more wasting time on the set-up of a new channel. It is all taken care off, 100% digital, 100% Vivere Stays technology.

Quick and easy to
get started

You want to get started right away? Sure. Within 24h we can connect your hotel to our technology and you are good to go.

Vivere Stays

No long term committment?

Fine with us. Our packages range from 6 to 36 months. You like our performance, you stay, you do not, you can leave with 1 month notice.

Vivere Stays

No hidden cost

Our pricing is 100% transparent. Transparency creates trust and trust creates long-term relationships.

Vivere Stays
Vivere Stays

Ready for Vivere Stays pricing technology?

Let Vivere Stays technology manage all your channels. You will be amazed. Not convinced? Try us out once month for free!

Service our hotels and hostels around
the world from over 20 regions.

Our technology covers accommodations around the world. It is not limited to any region. Take a look at the primary markets Vivere Stays is active in after less than 2 years only.

  • Berlin
  • Leipzig
  • Düsseldorf
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia

30-day moneyback guarantee. No questions asked.

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