Why does your hotel need our dynamic pricing technology?

Five important reasons

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Increase your revenue

Dynamic pricing from Vivere Stays has proven in the past to increase an average of 27% the revenue of its client hotels.

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You want to be competitive?

Prices is one of the most decisive variables when it comes competitiveness. The optimum price, sells and the hotel that sells more, earns more. Our mission is to maximise your income with our technology.

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Easy Set-up - Get started in less than 10 minutes!

From the moment you sign up for the trial, it only takes few minutes in order to get you started! Vivere Stays pricing tech tool is the leader in UX, having the ultra intuitive tool DYNAMIC customized for your needs.

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Your guests are happier when the pa the right price

Prices are important when it comes to guest reviews. The right price allows you not only to make the guest reserve at your hotel but also to give you the best rating.

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Always up to date

Vivere Stays pricing tech works 24/7, 365 days a year. It works in auto-pilot mode. So even though you are busy, our technology takes care of your hotel and makes sure that you still apply the optimum prices through your distribution channels and increase your revenue.

30-day free trial.

No credit card required.

It is our pleasure to see how you will fall for Vivere Stays, our technoloy and the team. Just try it out! No strings attached!

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