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Technology = more revenue

Vivere Stays technology distributes your inventory not just “deeper”, but “wider”, identifying the niche distribution channels, relevant for the characteristics of your hotel, not just the usual suspects (booking, Expedia, AirBnB) like everyone else!

Technology = less cost for manual price adjustments and less errors

Vivere Stays technology works 24/7, 365 days a year, no downtime, no ilness, no excuse: it always works and never lets you down. No training needed, no office, no on-boarding, AI gets optimum prices  for your hotel by the hour.

Technology = de-hassles your day

Vivere Stays pricing technology takes over time-consuming tasks, you can -from now on- spend with your loved ones, other businesses, or what you do best: welcoming your guest.

Vivere Stays

99% of our clients say they would decide again for vivere stays if they had to

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Vivere Stays

our technology increased our client s revenue in average by 27% in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023

100% Performance

Vivere Stays

77% is the Average time saving for each owner by working with
Vivere Stays

As per client survey February 2024

Designed and built for
hotels & accommodations just like yours.

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Pricing management

AI guided dynamic prices will boost your RevPar!

Vivere Stays

Smart distribution, in order your inventory gets all the visibility it deserves!

Vivere Stays
Cost optimization

Save cost on payroll, by using our technology which allows you to achieve 100% efficiency on your reservation management process!

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Save money on OTAs

Optimum pricing applies both to OTA and direct sales. The right price will boost your direct sales, saving on OTA commission.

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AI Booster

Our AI learns from your past to design your future. Both, succesful strategies and past mistakes will be used to maximise your income.

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Higher online ratings

Prices also impact customer satisfaction. Let us help you with this part of your business.

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Enjoy the UX of
Vivere Stays technology

Self-explanatory interface

Our pricing tech has been tested with a mutlitude of hotel owners in order to make it as easy as possible.

Intuitive designs

Just as Apple, Samsung and Google, we opted to base our designs on Intuitive AI rather than Generative AI. This helps a lot when working with the tool.

Vivere Stays

State of the art Business Intelligence!

Track your KPIs

RevPar, Conversion rates, ADR, OCC.....to mention only some of the KPIs our technology tracks for you.

Also OTA Analytics

OTA analytics are often neglected, but indispensable to boost your reputation and online ranking!

Vivere Stays

Interact directly with your hotel through our technology!

Last minute changes are totally possible

You are happy with the algorithms and dynamic priing technology, but you still want to be able to add last minnute changes? No problem, you can alway intervene through the Front-end and make changes.

Learn from your Analytics

Our Analytics tool has after all the objective to improve over time in order to keep on growing. Take a look and grow together with us!

The Pricing technology platform
Powering the most successful hotels

Easy-to-use software that scales with your business
100% Cloud-based
Vivere Stays support 24/7 support
365 days- auto-pilot price updates
Get ahead of your competitors
Save cost and increase revenue with us

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