Revenue booster – Sitges 2020

Revenue booster – Sitges 2020

We love our revenue team, Berta heads numbers for both countries, with Viktors and Jonas in Germany and Vanessa, Julia, Benjamin, Carla and a couple of more folks in Spain. Having Berta as a former executive in the team adds incredible value. She knows all the tips and tricks inside out and has plenty of valuable contacts. It is soooo refreshing to work with local talent who  know the language, the market and  all the important players!!!

From search criteria scores, over conversion rates, searches to impressions and  impressions to bookings, content scores…..we reviewed, analysed, discussed, fought  about every historical data, but also trends of any possible score of each and everyone of our beloved hotels……. from our extranet,, expedia, hrs, welcomebeds, world2meet, tripadvisor, kayak, agoda, trivago, skyscanner….you name it…we looked it all of them.

What  was the outcome? an amazing  strategy and  action plan on how to make our hotels out-perform the market in 2021. It will be a difficult year? maybe, not sure, but let us make sure that our Vivere Stays hotels prevail, that the demand that we find out there comes to our Vivere Stays hotels, in order to  have a good time and make the guests and our hotels happy. Let s rock it!!!

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