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  • Dynamic revenue management

    Nothing is impossible. We can help you achieve your goals! Vivere Stays dynamic yielding will update your prices, as per before defined criteria, faster and more often any hands could do. We increase on average the revenue of our hotels by 27% during the first semester of our partnership. Find out more about our approach and what it means for you.



  • Performance distribution management

    Distribution seems to be no rocket science, but it is. Vivere Stays makes sure that your hotel is listed in all relevant channels. However, it is not just about quantity, what really matters is quality: We make sure your hotel gets top ranked in every channel in order to constantly increase conversion rates and revenues.


  • Digital transformation

    We offer an array of services & products in order the guest checks-in from wherever he/she wants. We bring solutions into guests’ lives, to change the way they register, book, check-in and open the door to their room – through our innovative digital Vivere Stays guest services.

  • Legal support

    Do you need legal support? Our team comes from all areas within the hospitality sector. Hence, we support you wherever we can, both legal and financial matters.


  • PMS

    Vivere Stays introduces a fully customized PMS to your market and hotel: The PMS is the knot where it all comes together: reservations, prices and distribution channels. In our case, it is all connected. No more manual work needed. It is in your language and includes all local legal requirements. Easy and fast to work with: Plug&play.

  • Innovation

    You want to invest in your hotel, but you are not sure what will most increase your ADRs? Let our team help you. Based on our big data from the hospitality industry, we ensure you make the most out of every € you invest!



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