Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main, commonly called Frankfurt, is a commercial city in western Germany, in Hesse. With 732,688 inhabitants it is also the fifth largest city in the country (after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne). According to Eurostat, the urban agglomeration of which Frankfurt is a part has 2,500,000 inhabitants. Although the administrative capital of Hesse is Wiesbaden, Frankfurt is of greater economic importance.

Since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt has been among the most important urban centers in Germany. Its name appears for the first time mentioned in the year 794. From the High Middle Ages it was the Free Imperial City, until 1806 it was the city in which the emperor was elected and from 1562 also the city in which the German emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was crowned. Germanic. Between 1816 and 1866 it was the seat of the German Confederation and in 1848/49, the first freely elected German parliament.

A particularity of Frankfurt among German cities is the concentration of tall buildings in the center, which draw a characteristic profile, known locally as the Frankfurter Skyline. Because of these skyscrapers, which are counted among the tallest buildings in Europe, it has earned the nickname Mainhattan

Tradition, art and history are just three of the surprises that await the tourist who visits one of the most surprising cities in Germany and throughout Europe.

Welcome to Frankfurt!

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