You think a PMS is just a simple reservation management system?
Let us show you.

Intuitive frontend

Countless hours our developpers invested in order to give you the best user experience (UX). More confortable you are working with it, less time you will lose. You are happy and your guests are.


Our PMS is fully integrated with any other technology such as the channel, the pricing, the guest communication, the OTA analytics. It is the heart of it all.

Vivere Stays PAY (New!)

Your PMS has a payment gateway connection in order you can process all your payments through it. No external tool needed.

ID scan made digital

You need to register the ID of every guest and upload it to local authorities according to local regulations? No problem. You can scan and upload it with our technology through your mobile. No App download needed, just a web application.

Cloud Service

100% of our PMS technology is in the Cloud. No more downloading on your computer. And you can access it from anywhere in the world. How great is that?

Digital guest experience

Vivere Stays PMS allows you to digitalize your guest experience, from the online reservation, to the online movile check..in and check-out. Your guest will amazed to find 5* technology applied to a smaller hotel.