What do the websites we offer our hotels focus on?

  • Design: You like the design of the left picture as the background for your new website? "There is nothing written about tastes", they say. However, regardless of how subjective tastes might appear, the Vivere Stays teams know what design converts the incoming traffic to paying guests. Let us handle it. PS: we actually do not like this design;)....but we tried it and it did not work:)
  • Content: "Content is KING", they say. Vivere Stays websites have two objectives: 1) To be SEO optimized in order to be found easliy on every search engine 2) To be as clear as possible in order the incoming traffic converts into paying reservations.
  • Responsiveness Vivere Stays websites adapt to any screen, of course!
  • IBE & Gateway Guests will be able to book the rooms through a booking engine on your website and pay through a payment gateway. What do you need to do? Nothing, we have it all figured out for you. Plug and Play!

You always wanted a new and modern online presence?

Guests were asking you for it. Business partners were asking for it. Your team was asking for it. But you never found the time and the resources to take care of it. Now you did. Vivere Stays will give you what you need.

The world wants pictures!

Why did Instagram became more succesful than Facebook? Why do platforms such as TikTok have such massive success? Because they are not about worded content but pictures. While Google was tracking 20 years the number of keywords on your website, it now tracks the time a guest stays on your website. If a guest stays, Google understands that the content is interesting enough. And what makes guests and consumers usually stay and watch and listen, are pictures and videos.

The Opportunity

You can use your pictures and content of your amazing hotel, to convince the guest to stay longer on your website and finally book a reservation. This will increase income and bring you higher rankings in Google. As easy as that.

Remind that a special offers brings more revenue with appealing pictures

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