Vivere Stays RMS technology -
pricing management made simple

Vivere Stays dynamic pricing tool is much more than that. Find out why!

AI based technology

Vivere Stays Dynamic pricing technology is self learning. We upload historical data (up to 3 years) for your hotel. The software will understand what went well and what did not, learn from it and optimize future prices accordingly.


Trust Vivere Stays solid track record and leave your price updates in the hands of our technology. Let it care about increasing your revenue, in autopilot mode, in order you have time for everything else in life.

Intuitive frontend

Our developpers invested countless hours together with our hotel owners to give you the best user experience (UX). The more comfortable you are, the more you will both enjoy working with it and increase your revenue.


Some RMS providers do not include the rate shopper in their offer? Our pricing tool is a full stack dynamic revenue technology , including rate shopper. It combines self learning algorithms, optimized price calculation with continuous comset price updates.

Cloud Service

100% of our PMS technology is in the Cloud. No more downloading on your computer. And you can access it from anywhere in the world. How great is that?

Rate shopper

Some providers save cost while updating prices only based on internal data (ie. OCC). This makes little sense to us. We scrap every hour in order to also include external data in the price updates.

Vivere Stays

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